Animation at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

These animations are too brilliant not to share! Made by staff from the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery and local children's hospital, on a day long training event, I delivered.

The staff from the hospital wanted to animate using felt, as potentially it would be easier to work with. Almost instant and simple to prepare. Some of the young patients they would be working with could be animating stories etc in their hospital beds.

I love the simplicity of this film. Just animating the legs on the big bird, is enough to really bring the character to life and give him a fun personality.

It's got legs from Animation For Education on Vimeo.

This film mixes felt and plasticine to great effect, retelling a local classic about George VI.

A right royal dipping from Animation For Education on Vimeo.

I like the special effects in this animation. Using a long strand of hair, instead of fishing line, they were able to make the objects fly though the air. They thought it was cheating, I think it's creative problem solving.

Helga's Spell from Animation For Education on Vimeo.

We used a fun and easy to use webcam, which delivered great results even in poor lighting conditions.

The snail and the elephant from Animation For Education on Vimeo.

This animation-cam is now available from the Animation for Education website.

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