BECTA, eLive
LTS (Learning Teaching Scotland), NAACE
Leading Edge Partnership Conference
Getting Better Together Conference
Derbyshire ICT Conference
Haringey ICT Conference
IOW ICT Conference
Young Creatives Roadshow (Apple)
British Council
ATI (Apple Teacher Institute)
University of Strathclyde
West Sussex ICT Conference
Film Education- 2008 and 2009 Conference
BFI- Reframing Literacy
CiLT- Primary Languages Conference, Liverpool 2009- 2010
ABS Educational Conference 2009- Santiago- Chile
Hull MFL Cluster conference
South Gloucestershire Authority
Hampshire Education Authority
SWGFL Conference
Gateshead MFL cluster group
Gateshead Literacy conference 2009
Oscar has spoken at many events, delivering entertaining, hands-on animation demonstrations at conferences and educational shows. Past events that have enjoyed an animated presentation are listed below.

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Comments from CiLT conference 2010

Fantastic! Not just great ideas but actually shown how to do it - it makes a big difference. I want to go back and do it.

Brilliant! The pace of the session was good. It was very informative and very enabling. Thank you.

Really brilliant workshop, can't wait to get back and have a go! Thank you very much, will go away with lots of fabulous ideas.

Very inspiring - especially the demonstration.

Excellent. Explained in very easy to understand terms. Showing how simple it is to animate (does'nt ahve to be long, complicated process)

Some really inspiring ideas and it was useful to have the detailed demonstration of the ICT.

Very inspiring. can't wait to try to put ideas into practise!
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