The day-long animation workshop is very popular in schools and is suitable for
KS 2, 3, and 4. The workshop will introduce participants to the world of animation; projects can be linked to curriculum areas and themes.

All the equipment is provided: six laptops and cameras, materials and scenery. All I require is a classroom with tables and power points.

A DVD of the work made will be sent on to the school after the event and the films will be potsed on Youtube for students to watch and share from home.

Model making tips.....

Programme for an animation day.

1-Introduction and simple analysis of the models used on popular TV shows.

2-Introduction to model making.

3- Model making session, students make one model from Plasticine, in groups
of 5.

4-Introduction to the software and basic principles of animation.

5-Create simple stories/scenarios


6-Students will work in groups of 5 and each group will have a laptop
and camera. Each group will make a film lasting about 45 seconds.
(We provide 6 laptops)

Enquire about an animation workshop in your school.

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