- Think of a simple idea that the class is familiar with.

- Create your models, with simple bold designs, large features that will be easy to animate and bring to life. Watch this animation with your class.

- Plan your story, again keeping ideas simple and visual. For your first attempt aim for a film that is advert length. Use our free Story Planner downloadable PDF to help get you started. Keep the number of models in each story to a minimum.

- To make your animation you will need
- A computer or laptop
Animation software
- A good quality webcam

5 - When filming, work at 12 frames per second, keep the moves of the models small, animate one thing at a time, aim for a film that is advert length.

- Encourage students to preview their animation and evaluate their work as they go. Good animation software can do this.

- After you have created your animation you will want to add sounds and titles. Use Movie Maker on the PC or iMovie on the Mac, both great for video projects. Sound will really bring your animations to life. Here are some examples.

Free sound effects for you to download here.

Cameras Software and books

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