Training For Teachers

We now offer FREE INSET twilight sessions for both Primary and Secondary schools throughout the UK.

The two hour twilight session will introduce teachers to the basic principles of animation and approaches to enhancing areas of the curriculum, using stop-motion animation.

We may have to charge a small amount to cover our travel expenses, but the cost is free.

We can provide all the equipment and materials required to work with up to 40 teachers, or we can use your school equipment.

Introduction to animation, using animation in different areas of the curriculum and developing an understanding of how animation can enhance
a creative curriculum. For KS 1 and 2. Art and Media Studies at KS 3,4 and 5

Advanced animation for schools that have started animation and want to find out more about sound, editing, working with green screens and the different shots used in animation films.

All equipment, materials and resources are provided for groups up to 40 teachers and TA's.

For more information and to book an animation INSET day contact
Oscar Stringer.

Phone- 07974 764849 or email -

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